Our strategy

Our strategy

A strategic renewal

With the business poised to forge a greater connection with the people who we serve, ultimately it resulted in establishing a refreshed vision, purpose and over-arching customer value proposition

Our vision is to be the most impactful provider of financial advice serving both institutional clients and individual customers by:

  • Extending leading positions across Administration, Retirements, Healthcare & Multi-Management capabilities
  • Transforming into the most inclusive retail financial advice firm in South Africa obtaining scale by advising customers sourced from our institutional clients and beyond
  • Rapidly scaling up our Investment Consulting footprint with a focus on ESG, Alternatives and Impact capabilities
  • Exponentially growing our multi-national consulting business model into the Africa by enhancing distribution and automation of advice
  • Expanding financial advisory capabilities into adjacent lines utilising our wealth of data
  • Demonstrating a meaningfully positive impact on the stakeholders that we serve.

As such, our core purpose, which also serves as our customer value proposition to support the achievement of this vision, is to pioneer insight to deliver advice and solutions that impact people’s lives.

This statement pragmatically represents who we are, why we exist and what to expect from us.

In March 2022, we successfully relaunched our brand as Alexforbes to present a fresher, more inclusive and accessible positioning to the market that supports our customer value proposition.

The evolution of the Alexforbes brand directly aligns with our strategic objectives as it further supports our transition towards becoming a member-orientated financial services provider thereby enabling us to better connect with individuals. Our business has immense latent potential to help people but our efforts to connect with individual customers have been dampened by a general lack of awareness and understanding of how we can change their lives. The brand refresh is one of many initiatives that we are implementing to broaden and deepen this connection so that we may fulfil our purpose. Our brand campaign therefore plays a critical role in creating such awareness and is intended to spark interest and curiosity in how Alexforbes can impact their lives so that they are able to benefit from our pioneering insight and informed financial advice. The refreshed brand has been specifically crafted for scaling across digital campaigns and media as we enhance our reach to customers across such interfaces.